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- All Ceramic Crowns -
- Whitening -
- Smile Design -

Dental Implants

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- Multiple Implant -
- Bone augmentation -
- Ridge Modification -
- All on Four -
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Orthodontics / Braces

- Maxillofacial Orthopedics -
- Adults Orthodontics -
- Cosmetic Braces -
- Clear Aligners -
- Kids Early Orthodontics -
- Speed Braces -

Endodontics / Root Canal

- Prevent Extensive Treatment -
- Completed in 1 or 2 appointment -
- Comfortable Experience During Procedure -
- Save Your Tooh -
- Feel your Own Tooth -

Check Up

- Needs X Ray -
- Physical Exam -
- Consult It's FREE -

Dental Cleaning

- Preventive Dental Treatment -
- Customized Oral Hygiene -
- Fluoride Special Application -
- Healthy Gums and Bone -

Periodontics / Gum Disease

- Laser Assisted ( L.A.N.A.P ) -
- Heart Disease Prevention -
- Laser Aesthetic Crown Lenghtening -
- Laser Coingival Contouring -

Oral Surgery

- Maximum Comfort and Safety -
- Frenectomy Laser Surgery -
- Wisdom Teeth -
- Impacted Tooth -


- Plaque Remover -
- Tartar Remover -
- Whitening/Polish -


- Improve the Look of your Smile -
- Replace Missing Teeth -
- Relines Denture Ajustment -
- Flexible Partials -

Resin & E-Max

- Stained Teeth -
- Broken Teeth -
- Gap/Bad Aesthetics -

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Laser Dentistry Service

Service Offer By: Francisco Vazquez

We provide special care Laser Dentistry, like Cavity removal, orak surgery, periodontics, skin growth laser removal, TMJ , HPV Laser Removal.

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Doctor Vazquez

Dr. Francisco Vazquez Cárdenas, D.D.S., graduated from the Dental School at the University Dr. Francisco Vazquez C., Laser Tech Dental, Nogales Sonora Mexico of Guadalajara Jalisco in 1960. Since 1960, the doctor has built one of the most respected general dental practices in Nogales.

Dr. Vazquez keeps abreast of the Dental Profession developments through extensive participation in specialized courses in the United States and Mexico. His intent has always been to be in the forefront of his profession by knowing and utilizing the newest techniques, equipment and materials to give his patients the best possible care.

The doctor is a member of the Mexican Dental Association, Sonora Dental Association, Nogales Dental Association (the first municipal associaltion in Mexico, started 50 years ago,) and the study group called Seminario Odontologico de Sonora-S.O.S. He is also a member of Nogales Dental Association, which was the first Dental Association in the provinces of Mexico established 58 years ago. He is a founder of S.O.S. who has been bringing professionals from all over Mexico and the U.S. for continuing education for 37 years. One of Dr. Francisco Vazquez Cárdenas's greatest accomplishments has been his contribution to the professionalism and continued education in Dental Health care in Mexico, and especially, Nogales, Sonora.

Most of the doctor’s patients are from the U.S.A., spanning the continent in cities that include Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Green Valley, Chicago, and many other cities in Arizona, California, New York, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, Alaska, and etc; Dr. Vazquez lives in Rio Rico, Arizona with his wife, Guillermina. They have been fortunate to have a great family of 6 children and 16 grandchildren. Two of his sons followed his lead and are also Dentists; Pedro and Francisco, in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

Dr. Francisco Vazquez M., M.S.D., Guadalajara, graduated from the Universidad Guadalajara,Dr. Francisco Vazquez M., Laser Tech Dental, Nogales Sonora Mexico with his DDS Autonoma de and as Valedictorian, Centro de Estudios Superiores de Ortodoncia, Mexico City – with his MSD in Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics, and again, as Valedictorian of his class. Dr. Vazquez also has a Masters in Laser Dentistry at Instituto Mexicano de Technologia BioMedica, Monterrey, Mexico.

Dr. Vazquez's continuing education in Dentistry, Laser and Ozone treatment therapy keeps him abreast of the latest technology and techniques. Each year he attends a minimum of 120 hours of continuing education seminars.

The Doctor is involved in many organizations to help assure the quality of his profession and practice, such as the American Association of Orthodontics, World Federation of Orthodontics, Mexican Association of Orthodontists, Mexican Dental Association, Sonora Dental Association, Nogales Association Orthodontics (past President), Sonora Association of Orthodontics (past President), North West Association of Orthodontics, Current President of the Colegio Mexicano de Laser Dental, and the National Mexican Dental Laser Association. He is also a member of the American Academy of Laser Dentistry.

Dr. Vazquez, his beautiful wife Martha and their three young children have lived in Tucson, AZ, since 1995. Martha Gonzalez-Vazquez is a Realtor in Tucson and, also, is actively involved with the Clinic as the business manager, promoting the Laser Tech Clinic through a variety of educational publications. The Doctor and his wife are also involved in their kids education and school activities. The Vazquezs, when time permits, enjoy travel, around the world, as much as they can!!!!!

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The Laser Tech Dental Clinic Offices Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, were recently built and modernized to accommodate the latest technology in Orthodontic Dr. Francisco Vazquez with patient at Laser Tech Dental in Nogales Sonora Mexico and General Dentistry.
Laser Tech Orthodontic Nogales Mexico Dr.Vazquez
They have even added the Panoramic X-ray machine at Laser Tech Dental in Nogales Sonora Mexico Planmeca Proline XC X-ray unit from Finland, that has the ability to take panoramic and cephalometric X-rays of the whole mouth in "one shot." This enhances the ability of the doctor to diagnose the problems with individual teeth, as well as in total, to see how the teeth work together to determine the appropriate treatment, progress and then to evaluate the completed.
Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics Nogales Mexico Vazquez
Orthodontics appliances offered at the clinic include the conventional as well as the Invisalign Braces and the Speed Braces. At the Nogales clinic, your choice of appliance is based more on your preference of style and your time constrains in getting the perfect smile. Conventional are a little less expensive, the Invisalign are a little less noticeable, and, as the name suggests, the Speed Braces are faster in making the corrections. Normally, Speed does the job in 75% of the time required by the others and only require adjustment every 2 months (saving travel time, rather than monthly trips.) The quality of the clinic's staff, equipment and care surpasses US standards while the pricing offers 40 to 60% in savings. All the different types of braces do the the job that is intended Create a beautiful, lifelong smile!

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